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by Chiara Bautista

We are absolutely in love!

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…And now we wait…


Claire Lena McKinley

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[KUROSHITSUJI - Book of Circus] E02

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Noah's Ark Circus - Character Deaths

Tom, he was a piper’s son,

He learnt to play when he was young,

And all the tune that he could play

Was “Over the hills and far away…”

Give me prime laughter ! Do that and I’ll tell you anything !

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Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus
          ↳ Episode 2 » His Butler, Taking the Stage

"Did you know a circus is expected to arrive in London soon? I’m told it’s a traveling troupe, and a large numger of children are missing from towns they’ve visited. Although the police are doing all they can, they still haven’t been found. They always vanish without a trace in the middle of the night. It’s as though they’ve been lured away by the Pied Piper of Hamelin… The sorrow of losing a family member is difficult to bear. I sincerely hope the children will return safely to their families soon.”
"Each of us gets one soul. Take good care of yours."

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'Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus' Wallpapers HD